Saturday, April 09, 2005

wow.....I just realized I've had the blog up for a yr... - that's a lot of pissy moaning and whining -

SO, here's a few greatest hits of the first yr - poker and otherwise - (note that there were virtually no entries between 5/2004 and 9/2004 that qualified - apparently those were drunk months - LOL)


My best performance in a large MTT - 2nd out of 1200
Why I was not there to beat Fossilman at the 2004 WSOP
poker dreams
Winning Doyle's Super System 2
The First Vegas Trip report
My best comeback of the year
Why young dumbass kids who can't play poker deserve to die
an analysis of one of the best poker songs ever

and the post of the year for poker - Full Tilt Poker

a detailed analysis of the site and a stern suggestion they implement HORSE/Razz tourneys. (which they did a very short time later - someone way up there reads this site)


Whiskeytown turns down the drunk bar slut
A sermon on losing faith
Thinking about songs and memories and crap
Why I didn't vote Republican as I did four years before

and for the hell of it -
the post with my fav. Kate Rusby song in it - Sleepless Sailor -

I'd put the Madison trip in here as one of the best for the year as well - it's down there in Monday the 3rd's entry....LOL

Long strange trip -



At 1:24 AM, Blogger Ignatious said...

kudos on the year anniversary!


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