Friday, September 17, 2004

Canterbury on a Friday night 4/8 holdem - I get KK in EP and raise - get 3 callers, a reraise, I make it 4 bets, and it gets to 5 - capped 4 ways.

flop comes Kc 7s 3s - I get it up to 3 bets on the flop before two players call

turn 8d - one bet apiece

river - 10c - flush whew.. - I bet - kid in seat 9 - (who tried to be ultra cool earlier with his poker hat and shades) makes it 2 - I make it 3 - he's at 4.

I'd like to think he called 5 bets preflop with 10/10 - but I know better...and just call the 4th

He turnes over 6s 9s for a rivered st8 - and goes on justifing how he had 17 outs and too much money in the pot - ignoring the dumbass move of going 5 bets with 69 -

and all I want to do is kill him. And I am not being overdramatic - I wanted to go over and nail him in the face as hard as I could - I wanted to beat this little shit to a fucking pulp and take the $250 pot that was mine and walk away....

so I take my last $95 and leave - I am steaming too badly to keep playing - and I'm not sure I can restrain myself from just calling him a motherfucker over and over - I am on mega serious tilt and am actually very prone to physical and verbal I leave.

and shout fuck about 20 times in the car on the way home.

all fucking poker shits who don't know a good hand from their ass should die....from paper cuts inflicted by poker cards.... I hope he knocks up a 19 year old, has to get married, and spends the rest of his life working the checkout aisle at walmart....




At 12:24 AM, Blogger Chris Halverson said...

Yeah, but it was s0000ted! Plus it was 69, you gotta play that every time. :)


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