Tuesday, August 12, 2014

here in the back corner alley of a nearly forgotten blog, I sound one more barbaric YAWP

Dead Poets Society changed my life - I always marched to the beat of my own drummer (a high school classmate called it a tuba, more than a drummer - LOL) - and when I saw the movie it inspired me to be true to my own self for as long and as practical as I could be.

Over the years, I've done better at times (the album) - and worse at times (the job and hermitsville) - but I think people know there's still something a little different about me, and even this blog, for the limited viewership it had, it got because of the purity of it - the honesty - some of that came from the Dead Poets Society

So I raided Bittorrent tonight and got a nice 2GB copy of the movie - and after Sara went to sleep, I started it up.

Tonight, when Sean Leonard's character took his own life, I teared up a bit, but not for what I saw on the screen.  And at the end when Robin Williams walked out of the room and everyone began standing up on their desk, the last one to stand up was me, standing up out of my chair, because I had to say goodbye, O' Captain my Captain

Thursday, March 13, 2014

couple thoughts

1.  Made my first final table in a while in a 10+1 turbo (maybe 150 players) - we're up to oh, 6 players left - I'd like to make over 100 but I'm in 4th place (update - 5 left and 5th barely pays 100 but I gotta outlast the shortest stack to get to 4th)

2.  BTW - my online poker tip for the day is to play with sounds off - makes you pay attention to the board - now enough blogging


jesus, I won it - he almost came back from a 10-1 chip deficit to get me but I finally got him playing over aggressively heads up  - and yes, I hit some two outers on my way here but still - nice to finally win one

Thursday, January 16, 2014

wow...so I'm listening to an irish tune I recorded years ago off streaming liveireland.com - it was a blanket recording of all pc audio from the realplayer using goldwave

On this particular song there is the distinct sound of cards, chips splashing, and the sounds of Partypoker - I still recognize it - their chip and cards sounded different than Pokerstars - this was before we lost Party

god, what heartsick nostalgia - and the same with Paradise Poker - I used to love that site so much


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

just got a flyer trying to get me to go to a car lot - I'm a guaranteed winner either of a car, a $500 shopping spree or 3 gold coins

knowing full well 99% of anything offered for free is utter B.S. - I look for the fine print - (I have told this to the wife about a half dozen times only to get the poo-poo, it's good - where later we find out it wasn't as great as we thought) -

oh, there's the fine print and the two asterisks on the other side - well if you don't win a or b, you get the free 3 Gold US coins - look at the picture and read the fine print and yep, they're US $1 coins -

Whole world is full of scammers and conmen with their lawyers looking for legal ways to screw you out of your pension, your health care premiums, your investment porfolio, or your livelihood - think about it - if you have a pension, there are people high up in the realms of power looking to legally screw it out of you by the rule of law as they did when they dumped a bunch of coal miner obligations into a new company that was guaranteed to go bankrupt in 5 years, freeing them from the "burden" of paying their legal obligation

it's almost like there's no point in having anything because you have to work triple shifts to keep it and protect from the goddamn liars, thieves, and conmen of the world.  But guilt always works, so how about we pay employees less than mininum wage and put the burden on you to morally "tip" extra to make up for the fact companies can't be bothered to pay their employees a mininum wage, and let's not forget the sad look and the sign asking for handouts at every street intersection

at least at the poker table everyone was honest and out to screw you and let you know it - honor among thieves as it were - not anymore

Saturday, October 05, 2013

at the rate we're going I'm going to get a post in every year - woot!

ok - no poker updates - in fact, gambling is pretty much on the kibosh -esp. since I moved to a state without casinos but I'll say this

I know now why men's hearts get hard - I think it happens out of desperation - when you are so on the edge yourself it's hard to give a shit about anyone else - anybody can give out of their surplus, but takes a real soul to give from a deficit - and I think some of us try to make sure it doesn't happen I'm scared a lot these days - mostly about money - almost always about money -

so now when I see a panhandler, I not only don't give, but I curse him, because he's the scam artist preying off the gullible, and I'm the scared one who can't afford to be taken advantage of

ah hell with it

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

going to restart an old tradition - the Open Internet Challenge - take 40 bucks and build that bankroll -

$40 - .5/$1
$80 - $1/$2
$160 - $2/$4
$240 - $3/$6
$400 - $5/$10
$800 - $10/$20
$1600 - $15/$30 - (limits subject to change based on what the site offers)

and at $2000, you win - cashout, rinse, repeat.

first hand I got Doyle in the BB - that's NOT a good sign


man...the years went by quicker than I thought -

been googling some old emails, websites, and places of cyberpresence tonight since there are visitors and the BF3 servers are shut down and I've had one too many bad beats on Bodava this evening.

when your emails don't show up on google anymore, u can probably rejoice a little - this little ambitious experiment at the request of Felicia Lee (actually to get into a planet poker blogger tourney as I recall) came and went - it's heyday directly proportional to the amount of alcohol I consumed.

now we're all connected on facebook instead of poker blog links - like survivors of a war where we won the battles but got a raw deal in the armistice - poker's biggest star now is a parody cartoon of microgrinders - that works for me.

the hair and belly are greyer (actually will be working on that in Feb.) - but mostly, it just seems to have gone by quick - this year I will turn the big 40 - and while it's not as big as it used to be, I remember a cartoon where a guy had 3 surprise birthday parties - at 20, 30, and 40 - and for the first two he was like "aw, thanks guys" and for the 40th, he was like - shut the hell up already.

a lot has changed - but a lot has stayed the same - a coin operated arcade with 80's classics just opened up here in Minneapolis, and these folks who ran two failed businesses in the same location are now literally....paying the rent with quarters - what a great idea.

tomorrow I'll try to write another 14 songs in 28 days - and I expect a lot of failure but maybe an unpolished gem or even a nugget of gold to fall thru - we'll see

when I'm gone this and my 2+2 postings will be my legacy - when I run for public office, they will sink my career the first week - LOL - good times, good times.

wow....what the hell just happened - I got middle-aged


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

so here's the deal - Full Tilt is being called a ponzi scheme


I had an ad for the site on here - I received credit to my account for it (apparently manufactured out of thin air like much of the other money) - and when they folded and I lost $450, I had traded off $600 of my money in the last year on a 1-1 basis for money on other sites when I wanted to play on them - One other site in particular, Pokerstars, forced me to cash out and take my money.

fortunately, there are few readers left of this blog - so I hope I didn't lead too many of you astray.

Now seriously - WTF -

they were one of the three biggest players, and they had a license to print money legitimately - what the hell was up with raiding player's funds to pay extravagent bonuses when I would think typical money operations could cover it

gotta love that love of money stuff