Monday, September 13, 2004

starting to feel a rally today

played 3 tourneys early on (1, 20, and 30 dollar) - and I made dishwater money in 1 and 20 and the bubble table in the 30 - also played another 11 rebuy satellite that I dropped after 4 min. when I got all in preflop with AA and got called by A3 and KJ, who went K and K to run me down... - (sometimes you just gotta know it's fucking futile) -

Played both the buck PL and L tourneys today....I need the practice - esp. in limit, where they play like Party Poker players - never fold and raise with anything...gotta tighten up and get my cards in good there.

and got my $260 into Pokerstars...gonna focus on my tourneys and try to make another big win to push me into positive territory for the yr.

and I've had to leave for greener pastures - mainly live365 and their celtic stations (about 10 or 12) - need more variety -

oh yah...signed up for violin lessons....big fucking fun time.

I've also noticed I swear a lot more since I quit drinking...ah well.



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