Thursday, September 09, 2004

here's a story for you....

I post at a live 3/6 game at Canterbury

last night - just me and an old friend/nemisis - Fred Button -

I get 9c 5s -

board comes out Ac 3c and a rag. Check and a check
Turn - 2c - Fred bets and I call hoping to get the 4 but also a club

river 4c - Fred checks and I bet - he folds and I turn up my cards to show him my 9 high flush (sorta of a friendly move - we have a good story about a tourney we finished heads up...)

and I've misread my hand...I have the 5c 9s - so I have the wheel st8 flush - which is my first ever on a live table and gets me a free hat from Canterbury.

as an addon - hr. later I get a gutshot st8 flush draw (J9 diamonds with K10 on board by turn)but muck it when A's pair the board - I hit on the river and if my opponent had had A's full of 10's or better, I'd have mucked a jackpot hand...but he had 10's full of A's - thank fucking god....I didn't see the damned gutshot draw...just 4 to a flush vs a guy I was sure had a boat - so I dropped it....whew...

I am so glad I threw away a winning hand instead of throwing away the jackpot...hell - still I could have used 10 grand.



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