Tuesday, August 31, 2004

let's see....what's going on here.

a new OIC is up....a 24 hr one...shorter and sweeter - more about that here - http://tinyurl.com/3r9p4 - I'll try that one next week. I attempted the regular one agan and nearly gave myself a heart attack on the 50 cent tables.

I've placed in my last two tourneys....50th in the rebuy (a measly 90 bucks) and 7th in a 33 buck one (465 dollars) - that puts my tourney winnings for the month over 2 grand after losses are deducted, which ain't bad.

my style is very simple tho...lots of all in's - not good - I've got to work on my ending tourney play...I'm sort of an amateur one trick pony - but I'm scared to death of losing to an inferior hand post flop, so I try to dissuade them from seeing a flop in the later rounds. - It also negates the bluff, which is nice.



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