Thursday, September 02, 2004

yesterday was a bad day....

typical of the "JJ vs 55" where the loser hits a 5 on river to kill my stack - can't beat dumb luck in that regard.

I'm really tired today...hard to work - I understand I'm not so popular among a couple of my coworkers anymore.

It COULD be the comment I shouted about the 2 hr lunch break they took one day....(when working a busy 12 hr shift, it's ruder then hell to leave your coworkers to pick up your slack) -

but apparently, this Level 4 job I applied for - a couple of them wanted it - (they were level 3) - and the fact I got it, and that I'm male and not female, and that I'm a contractor and they're employees has not sat well.

so between losing the ladyfriend and getting this job, I seem to have used up my supply of friends.



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