Friday, September 10, 2004

playing in an 1800 player Partypoker tourney...but no hands whatsoever, so I'll write a bit while waiting for a biggie...

had an interesting discovery today....for the last year, I've had a song I couldn't get out of my playlist - it's an Irish tune...almost sean-nos (that's old singing acapella) but it had a slight synth track... - I picked it up off and have it recorded, but obviously, I want more.

one other problem. It's in the Irish no googling for lyrics -

well, I thought I heard the same guy's voice once doing a version of Robert Burns "Green Grow the Rashes(rushes)" as well, but still no luck googling... - (lots of folks covered GGTR including lyrics on sites from Robert Burns tributes, etc..)

well today, I got an idea - I can't search for songs on CD's on, but I can on (a site Erik Seidel sorta pointed me to) -

so I run a search for Green grow the rashes (and rushes - two spellings) , and son of a bitch - it's on the Ragus compilation (basically a cd of various artists from an Irish stage riverdance) - in fact, I've heard every song on that disk...LOL - from - so that's wild. and the song I like is called Amhrán Mhuinse and a sample of it can be found on the 4th song at this link...,,2684842,00.html?src=search

so that's one good thing that's happened....

well, blinds 150/75 and I have 1000 in chips...(thank you blind steal with A8) - guess it's all in with any pair or an A - (only gotten a couple lately and none with a 10 or above in 60 min.) - ah well...

good thing it's only a $20 tourney.



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