Saturday, April 02, 2005

let's rewind 2 weeks ago - to the Uptown bar gig - I had invited a bartender there to come by on Tues. - Bob - he didn't show up - I check a couple weeks later, and he got a last minute flight to NYC to see Doves and some other band at the Bowery. - it was cheap too - $240 - how did he get such a great last min. low rate?

So we're talking - and he got a cheap fare by skipping that expedia crap and just checking individual airlines (we get a great deal being the NWA hub) - so a seed is planted.

I've scheduled my trip to Montana the third week of April - this week will be a gig on Sat, Madison, WI. on Sun, and get to work Wed/Fri - nothing on the agenda the 2nd week -

I have 4 in unrealted news I've been running searches on Vegas trips again - Not only do I find a great rate - I run a search on poker for a friend on the Star Trib. website, and I see mega low rates to Vegas in the end of the NCAA tourneys - the town gets quiet again. - more so then I ever thought for this time of yr.

I do the math - I have 4 days off, I can time my trip in such a way as to maximize my time playing cards and only book two nights at the cheapo IP again - it'll be work/sleep - then plane to Vegas - 3 nights/2 days and fly back, sleep/work - LOL - with a bit of sleep in those crummy 63 buck motel rooms.

fuck it - I'm going back to Vegas next week for a hundred bucks cheaper (and a night less) without using my vacation time or anything. I'm just going to go - maybe I'll hardly play - I heard the "O" show is great - so is the Star Trek Experience - the trip is booked and room reserved - gotta love the internet.

Truth is, even though I'm going to MT in two weeks, I need a fucking change from Minneapolis - I just don't wanna be in this town, in that apt. in those stupid broken chairs right now. Nothing, not even a 60 inch TV can fix it - I'd rather be in Vegas with a laptop writing a travel essay ON vegas then anything else -

I have been trapped for many yrs. in medium wage jobs with no vacation. My hiring at a better wage coupled with vacation time and those 4 day weekends were really making me think I needed to keep going, seeing what was around the next corner - so to hell with it - and the NYC trip is in motion too as soon as my vacation time is confirmed -

This is the year that I don't plan on being here for anything - LOL



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