Friday, April 01, 2005

My friend Jer. has pointed out to me it's national poetry month.

I've had this running in my head ever since coming back, and I wanna make it a song, but right now I'm feeling uninspired without my guitar -

but here's the poem - RB

Vegas Valentine

I caught the morning plane to Las Vegas
Trying to outrun Valentine’s Day -
My first date with my first true love was 3 years ago
And if I’m still here when it comes, I’ll feel it for a month

It’s my first time going, but I’ve heard from friends
That whoever you are, you’re someone else when you’re there
And I could use the change, and probably the money too
I’m not the worst chump to ever hit a poker table

I’ve been up for days, and I should go to sleep
But going to bed early feels like sacrilege here
Like turning down kinky sex from Jessica Alba
Or quitting the marathon 10 strides before the finish line.

The cocktail waitress serves you 7x24 in Vegas
And I’ve been up since six the night before,
So 9am is the right time for whiskey
But they don’t have Jameson, so I drink Bushmills

I ask her how much is the drink, she says it’s free
I know, but I just like to hear her say sweet things to me
Playing cards in Vegas on Valentine’s Day, winning money
While beautiful women with big smiles bring me free alcohol

It gets no better then this without being R rated -
Except for one time, three years ago
On a first date, at the coffee shop and bookstore
On Feburary 14

But I won't think about her today -
push the chips my way and bring me another whiskey
and congratulations on your impending nuptials
on Valentine's day, in Las Vegas

April 2005


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