Friday, April 08, 2005

aborted a couple posts on here - they were those "what kind of color are you" or "what 19th century horror monster are you"? - Typical responses anyways "Jekyll and Hyde" -

last night at work was really rough - tonight should be easier....I almost feel like resting and then staying up tomorrow and playing video games before my Vegas trip. - I've been digging Star Wars "Knights of the Old Republic" - even if those fucking dark jedi are real bastards to kill.

I feel ill in the head - like I'm drifting - you know when you're in a boat on a lake (or a raft) and all you do is lie there and drift? - I feel like i've been doing that for weeks.

I suppose part of my behavior as of late (sudden impulses to book trips to other locations) is part of a reaction to that - trying to paddle somewhere else - or maybe I just don't want to deal with life in apts. right now - Or maybe this or maybe that...fuck it.

Maybe I'll be more profound at 3am



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