Monday, August 13, 2007

Vegas was Vegas - not much to report there - not much I haven't said before - took 4th in one tourney - bubbled in another one - bah.

So last week I moved from 0.02/0.04 poker to 0.05/0.10 poker - I expected a slight (barely) ramp up curve but it took almost 600 hands to get back into positive territory again. Today I finally accumulated 20 BB although it was more like 50 given I was 30 in the hole before I started this last run.

So here's some fun people to play with.

1. - Mr Scary Beat. Here's a guy who leaves the table after seeing someone deliver a crushing bad beat on someone else, usually with trash - I guess he figures if that guy will crack another man's AA with Q5 off suit then he's the next one.

2 - Mr. Ace to the River. - You know this guy - puts you on top pair but keeps calling cause he's got an A - if he gets to the river with it (and he'll always draw to it) it hurts - I started betting every pot they're in with anything and fire that last river bet knowing they may have gone that far with A high.

3 - Mr. Misses all his draws. - that guy's me :)



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