Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It has been an interesting morning - woke up and started playing my 0.02/0.04 penny poker trying to get up to $30 - took a small hit yesterday (well, a big hit) and today was looking to be no different -

One table had me losing with AA, AK 5 times, and AQ - the 2nd table was barely holding on - suffice it to say I was losing heart. Then one player came and sat down - she was cute, from San Jose, and seemed to play/raise every hand after about 20 min.

So I'm just grinding along - down .50, and I move tables and find myself on her Left on a 2nd table - can't find her under the search player feature, but I quickly pick up two more games she's at, usually two-three seats on her left. At the same time, some big hands/sets start coming in, and pretty soon I'm up and then I'm up even higher, almost to my $25 peak - and I finally win with AK when she bets me to the river - I spiked an A on the river but it was irrelevant because she was betting with 9 high.

Again, the question is - Bot? - clearly someone for whom raising was about standard for every friggen hand. 3-4 tables of stress and a couple more wins and I bailed - I'm currently at 24.93 working my way up to $30 and the next limit up - whew - LOL - getting tired of this penny shit - give me a nickle/dime a bet next time :)

this is good practice for remembering the surges and dips - they come, they go - ride long enough and it should swing back up again - even if it takes 300 hands to do it - rock and roll -



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