Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've been busy gigging - ok, just one gig, but it took a couple weeks to get ready and practice and so forth.

It's offical - the WSOP this year is going to be about 2000 less then last year.

I'm sure some will lament the decline and the fact it hasn't grown steadily as in previous years - self-proclaimed pundits will proclaim the end of poker or the start of the decline of the boom -

meh -

I'm glad it's smaller - less ridiculous - I'd like to see those who got into poker with the idea of making money get out and go back to flipping burgers -

I'd like to see it be about the game and sportsmanship again instead of trying to force a player on tilt by being an obnoxious dick at the table and calling it strategy.

I'd like smaller fields again - :) - I'm down with 2K less -

of course, I'm not THERE, but hey - another year

of course, I say that every year




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