Monday, July 30, 2007

yes, the previous post is true - I am going to Vegas for about 54 hrs next week - gonna have to go on one heck of a streak - wish I had taken a 3rd day off - ah well -

I will NOT be playing in that $500 tourney at IP - I may hit a bellagio one, but I will probably slum the $50/60 tourneys around town Sun/Mon - I feel like playing Binion's once - also Venetian, Treasure Island, and maybe Luxor - would like to play poker in as many new rooms as possible this trip while hitting a couple old favorites (maybe the Monte Carlo for ambiance)

My 0.02/0.04 penny bankroll is up to $24 - I have doubled it, or effectively earned 300BB at my chosen limit - While I'm not esp. proud of my preflop AP, my post flop AP is steadily climbing - my river AP is now 1.00 and over - so my game is adjusting. I expect the Vegas limit games to play much the same way as 0.02/0.04 - including the free booze - LOL - but it's been a year or more since I've been out there playing for fun.

I find myself playing certain players over and over again and questioning their bot status. I'm finding players with over 100 hands and no preflop raising and stats that are suspiciously on the button - (.5, 2.0, and 1.5) as if to say a piece of software is making certain raises consistently 2 times out of 3 or something. In any case, they're not beating me, so no biggie :) - the real take and most likely spot for a bot is 1/2 NL from what I heard.

ah well - not much else to report, but best wishes and prayers to Felicia who is in rough shape in the hospital right now - was gonna go visit her at Mayo but found it it's the one in AZ, not Rochester - DOH!



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