Wednesday, July 11, 2007

listening to Rufus Wainwright cover Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel #2" - that song reminds me of Pauly for some reason - maybe the part about Janis Joplin giving him head on the unmade bed :) I so have to go stay in that dive someday.

playing 0.02/0.04 holdem has been an experience - I have tilted massively and slammed my chips and typed nasty comments in the chat window - but I remind myself it's 0.02/0.04, and despite the fact most of them are dumber then GWB on a drunken bender, I delete my nasty comments before hitting send and take it out on the chips I keep stacked by my PC - I never let them see me tilt - and I'm glad - I mean, it's friggen 0.02 penny holdem, for fuck's sake - I think this is the time where I learn to control my passions at the table - for me the money is irrelevant to the win, but at the same time, you gotta remember if you played it right and your opponent is a dumbfuck that sees 89% of the flops, that it's not your issue or problem - not really. You 3 bet the K's and lost to a J5 offsuit that called two extra bets cold under the gun, but you didn't play the hand wrong.

I play 100 hands at a time, sort of a nice benchmark - usually 2 or 3 tables, and seriously need to bring up my aggro factor - but after a couple nice runs, I'm averaging about 5BB/100 hands - but I will have to more then double my bankroll to have the option to play 0.05/0.10 cent holdem -

mostly I'm really liking the option to just play whenever I want for 30 minute burst instead of pissing away 2.5 hrs for tourney dishwater - tourney fields are brutal when they get over 1K - so I'll keep one site for tourneys and one site for my ring game play -

having an issue getting my notes imported into Pokerstars - probably getting to be a pretty big file - :)

gotta work in 5.5 hrs and I've had 3 hrs sleep - crud - maybe a carrot will do it - LOL



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