Wednesday, July 18, 2007

watched the first 6 hrs on ESPN PPV of the WSOP - after that it seemed apparent that barring a total nimrod hand that Jerry was gonna take it down - a man of deep Christian faith too - I kinda admire that - I'd have been the one praying too and thanking Jesus at the final table if I made it - LOL - if I've made it that far, who would I be to deny God then :)

speaking of which, I've applied for membership at a local church of my old denomination - don't know why - no women there - or maybe that's exactly why I like it :) - easier to worship without all the beautiful women all done up in their sunday best - LOL.

but back to the WSOP - I initially expected to see hole cards, and when I realized I wouldn't I was indigent for about 5 sec. - but then you realize in today's real time text messaging environment it'd be impossible to keep players from getting info relayed to them via horses if someone were to be broadcasting that info live - kinda like sticking microphones into the Football huddles - you'd be giving strategy to the enemy who'd relay it back - and what point is PPV if it's not real time.

but Phil Gordon's expert analysis made it interesting - he knows the game very well, and hearing him talk about real players/hands instead of monkey boy who's a two bit actor at Celebrity Poker was fun - I wish I had stuck around for the Stu Unger Documentary after the 6 hr break, but I'd have had to sit thru Jamie Gold's final table analysis, and it wouldn't have been worth it :) Even Phil Hellmuth can be tolerated in small doses when paired with Phil Gordon -

I think all that expert play had an effect on my game - I'm more aggressive, checkraising more - and I just took down a $1.63 pot - which in layman's terms, is 40BB in limit - :) - quad 2's save the day - LOL

not a bad WSOP - to see naked aggression take down so many pots was genuinely entertaining - LOL



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