Monday, July 16, 2007

A good friend of mine has informed me the WSOP is going to be pay per view tomorrow - I think we're gonna cough up 20 bucks each for the viewing and a pizza -

been doing this bankroll thing for real - and it's sorta paying off - making about 6BB/100 hands (mostly in the last 400) - and and have made almost 20% of what I need to move up to the next level after 1450 hands or so - some serious grinding -

found out this numbness in my neck that I was afraid was a stroke is most likely the result of carpel tunnel after about 13 hrs a day on a PC using a mouse - even on my days off I'm raising my arm way too much - it also gets bad at a poker table - so I've been playing more on the laptop - left handed with the TV going - better to multitask two lame tasks then playing multiple tables, I have found -

but for some reason, I want to build the bankroll right as Mason Malmuth presents it, and be getting back to limit with the 300BB threshold - (he thinks you need 300BB to play a limit properly) - I need to work on my valuebets and laydowns - get in that 30/60 game out at Canterbury - ;) - - instead of depositing 200 and playing over my bankroll, now every bet and dollar is precious - hard won - winning 4 bucks in 2/4 penny holdem is about 100BB - I will need about 14 more dollars - that's gonna take some time.

I am finding my play a lot more passive at this limit - to raise with AA or KK is to put my opponents on a read and odds to draw for that 2nd pair - I find that my attempts at putting opponents on a hand are totally useless - I can only read my hand, the board, and presume - no matter what I do or raise with, unless I see a checkraise, I can never be sure what my opponents have. Checkraise is 80% 2 pair, and 20% BS bluff.

It becomes very easy to spot the guy with an 80% vpip rating - I find it's very easy to flop a gutshot and generally be getting 10-1 odds to draw to it - LOL - with 7 players seeing the flops - it's not hard :)

In short, one who makes money at 0.02/0.04 holdem is learning a game he doesn't wanna play anywhere else - LOL - but hey - part of the task of poker is adjusting to any game - and if I can't beat this game, the 0.05/0.10 will be just as bad -



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