Saturday, August 04, 2007

over the course of the last 25 days, I have documented some of my play in 0.02/0.04 microlimit poker at Pokerstars - this is an attempt to rebuild a bankroll while plugging some last minute leaks that keep me from being a consistant winner. In fact, my overall sessions are only about 56% successful, but my wins run about 10BB/100 hands on average, so my losses are being cut pretty well.

Tonight I spotted a guy tilting and raising every hand - I limped with 99 in MP, let him repop - got 4 callers, and I ended up flopping a set - I bet every street thereafter letting him raise and letting the other players call. (I was afraid a reraise would scare chasers and I couldn't get odds to do so anyways) - We got 4 bets on the river and I dragged down a buck pot, pushing me into a $30 bankroll. That's enough for the next level. I have turned $12 into $30.

I have steamed tremendously at times, even breaking one of my faux clay chips I keep at my desk to track my BR visually. (slammed 12 on the desk and one cracked in there - whoops) - but at the same time, my temper never took me too far into tilt territory - I kept a realistic view of what I was winning/losing, and continuted to play tight ABC poker - a little passive preflop, but with 5 callers per hand, all drawing to two pair with anything, it pays to raise a bit more and my PFR was about 6%, with about a 20%VP/IP - close enough - won about 63% of my showdowns too. I'll do some reading - figure out which hands I should be raising with more - I think I probably raised less because a lot of LP hands I might consider raising with I didn't due to 3-4 players already drawing and big cards like KQ not playing as well in multiway pots.

It took over 4K hands to win $18 bucks. I don't have the stats in front of me but I think 4200, with at least 3 bucks if not more paid in rake :) - I earned no FPP - LOL.

But I'm glad - considering I'm going to Vegas in 36 hrs, I couldn't have planned a better warmup to get my game back up to speed than this - lots of playing the cards, not the players, and knowing when to bet even when scared -- my pot odds counting is getting better again too - gotta like that.

Might get a game or two in tomorrow, but mostly it'll be work and then off to the light rail for 60 hrs of mild debauchery. I must confess I have missed my dump and visiting a couple friends out there. Staying at ye ol Imperial shithole again - love walking thru there - watching the Elvis and Madonna impersonators sing their tune and deal blackjack while staring at the Palace cuties - wish I could drink at the tiki bar - maybe I'll have a coke and play some video poker :)

I need this - and I want out of this town for 48 hrs - the chimp is flying in tomorrow to be photographed looking compassionate at the bridge - bah. Much less hypocricy in vegas - maybe that's why I like it so much. Broken dreamers, thieves, and liars, but not many hypocrites - no one goes there to be judgemental of others :)

staring at early 1970's pics of the town right now - man she was like Jayne Mansfield back then - now she's like Britney Spears - bleh.



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