Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Debt is a terrible thing - I know this goes without saying, but the common wisdom seems to have been lost.

We readily embrace a 7 Trillion dollar deficit and credit cards making minimum payments. We finance with mortgages that have the potential to leave us homeless at an interest rate change. Wanna talk about providence of God? Finding a mortgage broker that got me an 80/20 loan that doesn't change is about as close as it gets - pays to get recommendations of friends from friends :)

I'm in the process of engaging in an accelerated payoff of the 20% loan - I've knocked 25% out and may be in position to knock out another 25% with some loaned money a few years ago coming back to me. It'd be tempting to look at that convertible at this time, or a couple new guitars.

But a paid for home is freedom - I can play slide guitar in a touring band as long as my home is paid for - rent out a room for food and entertainment.

We are truly becoming 21st Century serfs. Locked into debt payment plans and collection agencies who use intimidation tactics and shame to collect, and there is no sign anyone is going to jump from the car before it goes over the cliff cause we're playing chicken with gravity and they think it'll still turn around.

ay carumba. - What will become of this financial illusion we call the American Dream.



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