Monday, November 06, 2006

I am in a feedback loop that threatens my sanity and my predisposition to look on the positive side of things - I

I am very close to depression and I can't do a damn thing about the powers that be that I see swirling around me on a regular basis, defrauding the poor, killing without regard for civilian life, etc, etc -

On top of all that I'm extremely lonely and seriously need to get laid :) As a result I resort to the following venting of mind and soul and pray for healing purification from the rite.

For the record, - I'm counting on Democrats taking the House and I'm counting on a close call in the Senate - anything otherwise and I'll be glad they're going to investigate every state - (every year I hope) for election irregularities -

and I expect massive shouting by the likes of James Dobson and Rush Limbaugh about family values and the decline of civilization - they'll take our research of voter fraud and turn it against us and say we rigged their elections -

or worse yet, we'll have obvious evidence of tampering in Republican won districts and then God have mercy on us. Cause the Republicans built the damn things, you know that, right?

I feel like the religious right almost want a war - they want us to react so they can justify pulling out guns and shooting us down - that's what I hear in the James Dobson broadcasts this week - as he rails against evil forces of godlessness that he implies in every which way but obvious is the Democratic Party -

They want the followers to feel persecuted - Fundamentalism allows for violence - even Christians - Fundamentalism allows for violence in it's works and means that other Christian sects and demoninations (evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox) no longer embrace. (forgot where I read that - probably in Mclearn's book "A Generous Orthodoxy but I'm not sure) -

Dominionism is worse - although they claim to love God, they have no problem standing in for him in his absence, and they will not cease to aspire to such standing in the future - I say that, but others agree with me.

when they come back it will not be with the love of a Christian in the light, but the accusations of Pharisees and the howls of hypocrisy

I do not believe they will walk away quietly, and I've been right about them before - but I'm also right that they're losing followers to the religious dialogue from the Left - I'm not much for any politics anymore, but anything that keeps faith from being a rubber stamp vote has my approval.

good luck Speaker Pelosi - you will be the most powerful woman to ever serve the US Government up to this point - #3 in the food chain for President of the US, I believe. In addition, you will be expected to be the oversight in an administration that has no shame in attempting to seize power at any time. You must be the exact opposite of the current guy - you know - the one who ignored pedophiles in his party.

I think you'll do all right - not too worried - women are outperforming the guys in everything these days anyways - LOL - in fact it just occured to me that given the incredible amount of clean up and catch up we'll have to do, I can't think of a guy I'd want to have the position -

hell no - I want a woman to kick GWB's ass - ;)



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