Tuesday, October 31, 2006

definately time for a long break from poker - AA loses to AJ and then my AJ loses to T4 - I'm under the nagging suspicion I should be satisified with my 2006 wins and let things go for the year.

One last important purchase - I got myself a CPU cooler that's silent - I realized my hearing was taking a tremendous beating from what I thought was the PS fan but was the CPU fan - now I'm 20 db quieter in here - holy moly - sounds of silence.

Just realized today History will call these the First Iraqi War and the Second Iraqi War - you'd think we'd have learned by now that we didn't get it right the first time and shouldn't waste a 2nd attempt - aye aye...

word from Felicia is that her blog is going into limbo - links will stay up till I darn well feel like it - LOL

up next week - house choosing - I let my lease go and gotta figure out what the heck I'm gonna move into in two months -

Poker will return - but time to get some 2006 business done - I heard REM's "Bad Day" again on the radio yesterday - starting to think a bad yr. - please don't take a picture :)



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