Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so...what's new with poker -

saw my stats at the end of Jan at the bottom of the screen - hilarious - in the end I've come out about 3K ahead in my tourneys, and I am barely even on my limit game,

but seeing as how if the ban kicks in I'll be back to live limit, I'd best start making it my game - plus I'm liking the lower time commitments again for a good limit game - at least lower time commitments online ;)

been doing other stuff - shopping for a house - working on the album - playing $.50/1.00 Holdem and learning life's hard lessons all over again (bluffing is less effective in limit unless the pot is so small you barely want it) - so that took a few bucks - ;) - really I should try the OIC again -

time to go on a run ;) - just for fun - shoot - I only got 17 bucks left anyways - LOL -



At 12:23 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

Seems like my prior comment was foreshadowing.

Looks like I'm headed to the desert. I just found out about an hour ago. I'll post more about it on my blog as soon as I get more info.



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