Tuesday, August 15, 2006

so let's talk a bit of poker - I'm in a Razz tourney and that takes forever to play cause I need 3 cards under 7, right Felicia?

my results have sucked as of late - I'm finding myself in a lot of spots where I'm getting caught with a reraise and calling knowing I'm beat - it took me about two weeks of that before suddenly a light went on - realizing that controlled aggression is key to winning, and seeing that in my results, I notched up my calling re-raises - don't ask me why -

my problem was, my hand reading skills are on, but I'm not trusting them, so I'm calling and losing - bad idea - I can read about 50% of the situations I'm in right now, I feel, accurately - and the ones I have zeroed in, I need to go with the gut on and I haven't been doing it - no biggie - it'll straighten itself out ;)

so I've tightened back up a bit again - and I won one SNG and made the money again finally in a tourney, though near the bubble I tightened up so much I almost guaranteed a dishwater money finish -

man, a lot of players on sites with 40K of wins and only playing 5 months - how do they do that - even playing sober, I can only achieve a moderate amount of tourney success -

this latest slump is killer - my ROI is down to 48% for the yr - gotta net a couple big wins soon.



At 7:46 AM, Blogger DrChako said...

Random thought for a moron who just got done running 3 miles at 5 am...

I have no idea how to play Razz, and since I don't play online anymore, I'll have to wait for the next WPBT to get some (expensive) lessons.

If it's like any other poker game (and it probably is), there are only 3 hands:
1. The Nutz
2. Easy folds
3. Eveything else.

We make our money our money in category three. When I'm playing poorly I do two things:
1. Play tighter
2. Play more aggressively.

Based on this blog entry, it sounds like you've started #2. Maybe (and it's possible I'm just a complete moron who is high on endorphins), you need to try #1 and play fewer hands that may get you into tight spots.


PS. I just re-read what I wrote above and almost deleted it. It sounds like advice from a complete amateur (which I am), but I want to leave it to show your fans (and the world) what a complete fish I am.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

I did pick up a couple things - started playing hard a couple times when I had the A showing - Tom's few paragraphs filled in some blanks - I def played a lot of 2 card hands I shouldn't have before

actually of 64, I took 7th which was a dishwater money finish - LOL


At 9:20 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

but now that you mention it, you sound like you're describing my NL game - which you were - yah - I tightened and got another dishwater money at pokerstars but that was 240 players. - so tightening up is def. good -



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