Friday, July 14, 2006

someone somewhere deserves my wrath - allow me to vent a bit -

I saw a review on Stacked - and haven't written anything on it cause I didn't request a copy for review - truth be known, I'd probably have tossed it in the trash.

Why do people who write poker software assume we want an interface with live figures making motions, saying things, and trying to provide an artifical ambiance?

I know the damn thing is saying "nice hand" cause it's programmed and it's not a deliberate compliment -

it seems to me when it comes to online poker, whether thru computer, xbox, or whatever, that the poker player would much rather have a basic interface then those ones like 6 guys sitting at a table, looking stiff, with bad pre-packaged banter. The standard interfaces like Pokerstars and FT are fine - the Party one always irritated me tho and I pulled the people out cause you couldn't tell when someone moved -

the Tournament poker from Donahue games is ok, but seems like the AI is lacking - I guess at this point, I really think the best practice for tourneys is low limit tourneys and SNG's - worked for me ;)

so screw poker software - besides the game isn't fun if money isn't involved - at least not for me - like Daniel N. says - it's gotta be reasonably profitable and I've gotta care about the cash or else the game goes to pot.

rant over.


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