Monday, July 10, 2006

been playing tourneys for so long I forgot how fun it is to pull up a NL table at a moment's notice, double up, and leave - LOL - but I won't leave yet. Just put on Hank Williams Sr., after all.

actually probably going to the doc - urgent care, when it opens in 4 hrs - gotta see what this sharp pain in my left kidney is - I'm probably dying - I know two kidney transplant patients now, and both didn't look so hot - aye aye aye...

I figure if it's a stone I need to try to catch it before the painful trip thru the narrow passage to pain

don't like not being able to walk upright without wincing, so I'm gonna see what my insurance is good for.


got a lot I'm thinking about but I'll let it pass till post urgent care - funny listening to Hank Williams in the dark, singing "I Saw the Light" - and you think how he died might suggest otherwise, but you still believe him when he sings it ;)



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