Tuesday, July 11, 2006

some observations, reflections, jerking off -

two major WSOP tourneys going on this next Sun - I get off work at 7am, come home - asleep from 8 - 3 and I can play in both of them. I'll hit up Pokerstars and Full Tilt - the odds of me winning two seats are nil - LOL - so why not fire both rounds.

But I'm gonna play satellites if I can - try to win my seat satellite wise - these rebuy tourneys are good ways to do it - if it's 10% payout I feel good about it.

I gotta try for the WSOP - it's my first successful tourney year that I'm really proud of in awhile. my ROI is hovering around 60% for 255 tourneys. My 24+2 record at the Full Tilt guaranteed satellites is incredible - easier to get a final table with 540 - LOL.

been listening to a lot of dead men sing about heaven - got the new Johnny Cash V on - also new Soul Asylum - more on that - I do like just buying and downloading music - but I also ordered a couple of those obscure Irish music CD's - one of them in particular had a few tunes I used to sob over in drunken joy on the liveireland.com stream -

back is almost tolerable again - maybe after a good night's sleep - doc said it was just a strained muscle, he thought - I think I was slouching too much - maybe.

the plan for this week was music recording - but hey - let's call it satellite central for the next 48 hrs - if I can win a satellite into a WSOP, I'll give it my best damn run -

first off - the 7.50 Rebuy for the Pokerstars $375 - 90 players - probably about 4 entrys worth so for - I expect less then 9 - well, that's not so hard to do - (post edit - took A2 vs 9T and flop came 8JQ - bwahahahahaha.)

I should add, I've been watching the newest edition of High Stakes Poker at the Palms - by and far my favorite Televised poker game now - just awesome. I feel like I'm almost learning something watching them.



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