Friday, July 28, 2006

wow - in a bit of housecleaning, I had to upgrade Amy's link and I see I'm at the top of the blogroll right now - I think I was at the bottom before - so I'll probably work my way back down - LOL -

But since I'm on the top - I better pull an Iggy Uberpost - or at least some quickies, as I call them - (the posts, not a real quickie - never had a real quickie - damn) -


it goes without saying I did not win my Full Tilt satellite last week, Phil Hellmuth DID win his 10th bracelet, and my back is 80% recovered - I shaved my beard and I don't like my chubby face, so it's back on diet drinks and healthy frozen food for a couple weeks - (weight watcher frozen foods and lean cuisine - LOL) - - unfaithful to me this week - AK vs A3 when I'm in the money for a 2K payday and the flop comes 245 - how boned can ya get - saw a lot of 3 outers by players who should have been smart enough to not commit to my raise - ah well -

people like that make us profitable players - I forget - run a search on them in the and you'll find they have barely made the money, if at all - ever -

I wanted 5 final tables for July, but I don't think I'll get the last two unless I have a good week - I'll probably start two-tabling some more to try to have a couple balls in play should I get busted out early.

And unlike ZeeJustin and JJprodigy, I don't mean different accounts in the same tourney - LOL -


personal observation of the day - If Ann Coulter were any more stupid Bill Frist would be posturing in Congress about the need to put her on life support.


the music is not going as I hoped - I got some fine posts/praise for the first three demos but back issues and just general laziness has kept me from the studio - where I record is generally 10 degrees cooler then outside air anyways and we're pushing 95 around here - turn on a mixer board, two amps, and all that jazz and I'd be roasting - I hope to be back in the recording vein shortly - I'm looking forward to previewing "Las Vegas Blvd." someday in a musical setting.


allow me to solicit opinions offline as need be at someplace - I'm getting maybe 2-4 requests a month for advertising on this blog - think I should take it? - I mean, I LIKED Full Tilt, so I keep the banner up - but how can I allow my labor of love to be turned into a prostitute? - But I'm considering it. Perhaps I could lend some credibility to my writing - as reduced as it has become lately -

This is in no way a slam on blogs with ads, but I've never been a salesman, personally - I like fixing, breaking, bitching, shooting, and drinking, but not selling - never have, never will - so I'm not sure I feel like adding more ads -

besides, firefox doesn't even display the one I have right -


I read where someone is shooting a documentary on the NYC underground poker scene which for all intents and purposes is a story of the "rise and fall" - which sounds about right - I gotta say - I got a $5 chip from one club and wanted one from another - (stupid tourney kept the real game from starting) - and I take pride in the fact I have played in an illegal NYC poker club - also liked playing on a Mississippi riverboat -

my favorite poker has always been house games - (except the one I just quit playing in cause of a drunk gorilla) or games where there's a history - there's history (though short) in the NYC poker rooms - there's History on the President's Riverboat Casino in St. Louis -

I think I'll go hit Deadwood in Sept. after all the tourists are gone - let's go play poker in the ol' #10 -


but otherwise..I got nothing - I feel like Joni Mitchell - I can write about Woodstock, but I'm not there - the other bloggers right now, they're at Woodstock -

another year and another missed shot at the WSOP - damn. But this was the first year I was a real profitable contender - so that has to be taken with a grain of salt.



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