Friday, August 18, 2006

I haven't been keeping up too much with the WSOP but I did read Pauly's post on Las Vegas - he echos something that's been on my mind a while now too -

that town sucks.

as I become more and more convinced that the love of money is the root of many evils, so I feel LV has outgrown it's usefulness for me - it's fun to play cards there, but the bitterness and table attitude in live poker, and in Vegas feels different - it feels much more based in conflict then in folks just having a good time -

I can do ANYTHING I want while playing poker at home - if I had a girlfriend I could maybe get a blowjob in my recliner while smoking a bowl of fine Minnesota Green, playing on 8 poker tourneys at once from the main desk, or just one tourney from the laptop while watching the 55 inch HDTV - In vegas there's no this, no that, and no privacy for other habits you enjoy while playing poker - (though I have seen a guy with a wireless laptop playing online poker while playing at Wynn - that was hilarious) -

Poker I love - I'm getting sick of the "personalities" that have sprung up trying to get endorsements - the stories Wil and Pauly and Change100 and whoever else was there could probably tell - I'm sure that despite their best efforts, the quality of the WSOP has gone down, not up, with the passing of Binions to Harrah's property -

it's like Pauly said - people go to get their picture taken with a pro or to say they did it, like going to a massage parlor or a Billy Graham Crusade - (I have done ONE of those - just to say I did it, not because I cared or wanted to) - the WSOP has lost it's fire and the tourneys are a pain with Harrah's running stuff and the WPT trying to own player's images and everything.

but of course, I'll be in Vegas anyways - cause I hate winter - but I'm just saying - I only hate winter a LITTLE worse then the guys I play poker with in Vegas these days.

But there is peace in anomynity - a peace I am coming to relish rather then run from as I have done in the past. -

in any case, it's at least 4 more months of online poker before another Vegas Run - someone give me a heads up on the next WPBT -

also, if you're in Minneapolis/St Paul tomorrow night, my band is playing at the Hat Trick Lounge in St. Paul -

we go on about 10pm - who knows - waht else are you gonna do? - LOL



At 2:17 PM, Blogger slb159 said...

nice post sir. best of luck at the gig.


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