Thursday, August 31, 2006

so - let's talk religion this morning, since I have a few sweet gumballs left to go thru in a bag, and I love sucking the life out of them in two minutes, spitting them up like a used condom, and going for a fresh new round - Red and Purple are my favs -

so here's my problem - my poker game is dismal - I could choose to look at it as the swings of luck, or me running bad, or poor decisions - I prefer to blame God and think this is his way of telling me to do what I've been trying to do for 8 months -

finish the album - LOL - that's what I need to do - it's a new priority -

even over poker - no choice - must get the album - but will continue to play Horse, read up on others, and focus on my efforts to try to turn myself into a rock star.

I do not seek fame as a rockstar - merely enough of one to score the occasional groupie - hell, John Stirratt was signing breasts here in Mpls and he ain't the best looking guy in Wilco - LOL -

it's that songwriting thing - it's got me obsessed in a way poker doesn't do it for me anymore - that and the whole - making/selling/manufacturing an album in today's much more indie-friendly music environment...

if it's good, it will sell itself eventually - I merely have to hit that mark with this album I'm recording - the mark Guy Clark talks about where the jaw just drops in the audience - that's when you know you're doing your job as a songwriter.

I've been lax - time to pick things up again...

cause I believe I'm being sent on a mission from God to call Christians out of the Republican Party.

Oh yah, I'm boned.



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