Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I decided to go to bed on a lopsided schedule last night so I could have Tuesday Day free - I'm now going to probably be hurting for work tonight, but I'm a vampire - I'll survive.

My point for doing so was a quick swing thru Canterbury on Pocket A's Tuesday - - next week is the Fall Classic and in the past I've played a couple of their cheap tournaments - (including my first where I met the man who I knew only as the organizer of the Tournament of Champions and a pro in his own right, now face for the WPT - Mike Sexton )

playing 4/8 limit again was a challenge - because it was a passive table I probably limped in a lot more SB's then usual with bigger hands - almost always guaranteed a value call on the river - but in the end a few 15 outers didn't come in and I left only 43 bucks ahead -

I miss the social aspect - I will probably start going back again more often - I've (not by choice) centered my house shopping around a southern area, keeping me closer to the card room then ever -

plus, I think the skills I've picked up working on my tournament poker this year will pay off in Canterbury - live games are as easy as any Party Poker game, though you do have to watch out for a few sharks - but I'm starting to appreciate the live limit environment -

truth is, it was partially Vegas that was getting out of line for me - Canterbury generally retains a good degree of civility -

I think it's time I established myself as the king of Canterbury - LOL - and it would have to start with a $1200 bankroll at 2/4 to really do it right -

I am doing the micro limits again on the last of my accounts - I must confess sometimes I feel like I'm beating up on kids - won two SNG's in a row, but they were like 55 cent SNG's - playing those was simplicity itself - as long as the best hand held up -

but I love creating something out of nothing - gives me great mental stimulation - and trying to rebuild a BR out of a buck in spare change on three sites may be the best I can hope for at the present time -

I would say I am 10 weeks away from seriously considering closing - therefore it is time to put the pedal to the medal - these two Canterbury tourneys will probably be my last big tourneys for the year -

would be nice to get a piece of a downpayment - ;) -



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