Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ok - what the heck - I'm up -

stupid noob poker players :D

what struck me during this most recent live trip was the number of times players tried to play and justify their plays -

"I knew you had that but I had to call"
"I'm sure you got the straight on the river but I gotta pay to see it"
"I mean, I was ahead 3/4ths of the way"

what's best is these nooobs may or may not have had something - they may have won a few chips or what but it was apparent with all their show antics one thing - they didn't have a clue as to what I was playing.

wasn't the first time I heard the 2nd one - but that's the first time I might have heard it after turning a full house with my flopped set -

one interesting disadvantage - as they do this often enugh, after about the 3rd time we now have a running joke but in everyone's head, the mentality is I'm a much tougher player only playing good hands - and it's reinforced now pretty much to all at the table.

that complicates things with guys who think they're tricky players with tricky reads they like to call out on the table and checkraise a lot more - really just another symptom for fancy player syndrome -

I'll say this - I have learned one thing after 7 yrs of poker - took me a hell of a long time but you can't win without it


but crud, you lose your whole friggen day - gotta play the 8 hrs - so that means it's time for me to seriously consider some limit changes - when I can prove that I should :)



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