Friday, October 13, 2006

I retract my previous post....

I am going to deposit about 1K into a site - one where they have talked to lawyers and agree that the legislation isn't clear yet - and where they're offering a bonus. In fact, hmmm...I believe one such site may have an ad on this blog...

so that's where I'm gonna hang out for awhile.

I will not run from these jackasses - I will not modify my behavior if I believe it should be legal and allowed in the privacy of my own home. besides, GWB is infamous for those sweeping signing statements - I could see him forgiving online poker - LOL - Doyle, buddy? - call some TX friends?

but nope, I figure if you can't trust poker players, who can you trust - I wrote a big civil disobedience and rah rah rally the troops on 2+2 - but of course, god forbid, that could bring me a visit from the damn Federal mafia.

but I'm gonna try to get my downpayment for my house online - :) Let's see if I can turn 1K into 2K with a nice bonus :)

You know something....

I left the church because I was tired of people telling me what to do -
I left Christian music cause I was tired of people telling me what to do
and now I find - I am running out of places to run - the theocrats are creeping in closer and closer - almost a stroke of a pen away -

if I drop off the planet - you guys raise holy hell- cause without Habeus Corpus I could be held indefinately - without possibility of contacting a family or lawyer -

we deserve this actually - as we have sown, so we have reaped - we let them do it to others, and now they will do it unto us.



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