Sunday, October 22, 2006

so one day, Whiskeytown bought a disposable camera for his first trip to Las Vegas -

two yrs later - he notices the expiration date on the camera is next month - (expiration date? WTF - film expires?)

good times -

from my first trip -

2+2 gettogether- notable bloggers Glenn and Felicia Lee there next to Mason Malmuth in seat 9, as well as Ed Miller on the other side of the dealer in seat 1 - tough game actually - this was the game where a guy went to the floor complaining after I raised post-fold - we were playing with a double blind straddle and I forgot to put it in before mucking UTG - threw it in as the action was halfway around the table and holy hell broke loose cause one guy (who took Ed's seat) was someone not part of our group and didn't know the rules -- but because we were our own group - the Mirage let it go that ONE time ;)

so yes, I have raised after I folded in Vegas - I was drunk - profoundly at this point, actually - LOL

I think I waited to take this picture for when I saw Mason dragging a pot -


ah yes - the addiction that is online poker - unbeknownst to us all - that fuckwad Bill Frist is actually not concerned with the morality of online poker but instead the dangers of food contamination


where I am at playing online poker (laptop style) when I'm not cooking - there is now a picture of Townes Van Zandt above the Samurai Sword display - (cheap pieces of shit )


and a few rounds of spot the blogger....from last yr's WPBT - I"ll spare you the fat drunk head shots I was taking of myself between 2004 and 2006 ;)-

Got to meet Amy C. at this gig -

who the hell is this degenerate? and what is he doing hanging out with Pauly?

I'm a star trek geek who was reading Wil's posts when he was just a slashdotter and not at all the professional poker blogger he is now - I didn't realize it, but truth is I've waited 10 yrs for this picture.

and last but not least - everyone's favorite Stu Unger bio writer - Nolan Dalla -

way to ruin the pic there Dalla - stare INTO the bright light next time ;)

ended up giving this shirt to a coworker - I think I need another one.

hope to see ya all in Dec.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

That answers my question - you'll be at the WPBT in December. I'm still not sure about my status because of this impending deployment, but something is in the works.

I may see you there...

At 12:36 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

actually, after getting the word on the day it's happening, I'm probably out.

My finanaces for the next two months are brutal - house buying -

and to top it all off, the week before (as Drizzdj told me it's early in Dec) - I'll be in Los Angeles with my nephews seeing Disneyland and Universal Studios - my disposable income (as well as the unwillingness to fly cross country two weeks in a row) may shoot me in the foot.

I ain't gonna make it again this yr - crud


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