Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this was an undiscovered Townes Van Zandt song to virtually EVERYONE till 2003 - some early demos he did before his first album - now released as "In the Beginning"

Even early, you can see he's hitting the target nearly every song. These 10 demos pretty much were introduced to EVERYONE who's a TVZ fan at the same time - as they went lost for a number of years and relocated in 2003.

And to be honest, Townes' output later in life before died was pretty sketchey - lots of remakes - LOTS of remakes of his old songs - a few new ones - the better production was marred by a more tortued Townes, his voice and body on the last ravages of alcohol.

But he knew he'd be famous after his death - so he left a very long lasting legacy, lots of cool live recordings, and now well, I guess one of the songs on this album might have had a live release somewhere - - but essentially Ten new songs at some of his best - and actually trying to be a bit of a hippy sometimes - a couple tunes have that folk-rock groove Dylan pioneered so well about the time of Blonde on Blonde.

it's become one of my favorites of all his albums, and yet it's his oldest and newest - LOL

I need a friend like Townes right now...



Black Crow Blues, by Townes Van Zandt -

Babe don't lie lonesome after I'm gone
Don't mourn your young life away
Just lower me down with a prayer and a song
just 'fore the breaking of day
just 'fore the breaking of day

it's a life worth living, but we all gotta die
all your crying can't do me no good
just lower me down with a quick said goodbye
pour in the black Texas mud
pour in the black Texas mud

It's a hard road you're travelin', you can't walk it alone
find a big man to stand beside you
take him down to the river, and show him my bones
tell him there lies a friend I once knew
there lies a friend I once knew

The black crow's a-screaming, the yellow sun's warm
and the grass tumbles tall down the hill
there's a cold wind building, it's bringin' a storm
when the call of the black crow goes still
when the call of the black crow goes still


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