Monday, January 23, 2006

mano mano mano...

Whiskey takes his first BR hit of the year at the EXACT same time he finds a really good source of smokable resin in one of his pipes...

concidence? - Me thinks's why.

MTT's - have blown since the beginning of the year when I made 4th in the $180 SNG - I'm ahead still in tourneys, but declining. However, my NL SNG results are still way up there - in fact, that's pretty much my salvation right now...

I was desperate to make money, (as opposed to slumming at cheap tourneys or worse yet, raising my limits I play at) - so I went for some NL, and took about $50 - and took about $50 in a couple other spots, but I did do the MTT superstars withdrawl from my BR as well, and in retrospect, that was a bad waste, not a poker game - I may have to go back to the micro tourneys for awhile, but I feel like my game is just off this week.

and somehow, my NL and SNG results canceled out my Limit and MTT results last week, but this week is starting on a down note - I'm about to dip back below $600 - I MAY go play a couple NL tables for a couple hrs...I can usually make money just sitting tight, hitting a monster, and then optimizing my chip extraction from whoever I'm facing by certain techniques. - whichever ones I think will best work. Mike McDermott would normally underbet the monster, but overbet vs. KGB, or in my case, a guy who isn't afraid to commit all in with top pair. - whatever I determine.

so I guess it's NL slumming for the next couple days...LOL - I should cash out $100 and go to Party. - but PS will be fine.

Everyone at this limit is a fish - Ed Miller's NL Holdem Ring game book isn't out yet - LOL.



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