Saturday, January 21, 2006

so basically, it's hr 3. of my Deep Stacks tourney.

Slightly below average stack - (only about 2K) - 210 left - 63 make the money - and I've just smoked a bowl, folded junk, flopped a set and moved to 21K, and watched Sex in the City on the other side of the DVD screen where they have an episode about shoes.

so yah, overall - I'm feeling good....:)

I will NEVER understand their obsession with shoes or outfits - (actually, I do like my stage performing suit) - . But I will say this.

Shoes are to Women what Guitars are to men. For all intents and purposes, they serve as an accessory to your lifestyle but you cannot possibly need as many as you do - the equivlent would be as Bibles are to Pastors - seems like you're always ready to get some more.

ya know something....

I feel like doing something interesting and unusual.....but part of the joy in it will be that no one will ever know it's me doing it, so I can't rat it out - sorry...



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