Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lisa Loeb has a new TV show coming out - #1 single - a dating show and the title is a play on her career as a musician - actually, I think she was the first artist to have a #1 song who wasn't signed to a major label - Ethan Hawke's neighbor - you can find the banner all over at with her face smiling at the camera. Or you got the Retrocrush gallery here

Confession - I have thought this woman is beyond beautiful for about 10 years. She transcends it - I have crushed on this woman so badly over the years that it hurts to see her dating other men on TV - LOL - but since I may have a date of my own on Sun, I better get over it -

but ow....ow ow ow owo owoowwww.... I don't usually see a beautiful woman and imagine her dressed up in a trashy Holloween costume, but yah, give me a nice night on the town and a hot date and give me a choice between her, Angelina Jolie, and Jessica Alba, and it'd be tough. (notice a pattern - I'm not a big fan of blondes) - but in the end it's about personality - and I dunno - those female singer-songwriters - all their breakups seem to be about how the breakup happened cause he couldn't communicate with her - I never understood that, but then, I'm the great communicator. - LOL

liked the singles, never bought the album. Actually, I only liked 2 of the three singles I've heard, but anyways....LOL - I suspect this will cause a resurgance in her career, and in pathetic guys who are taking her face and photoshopping it onto god knows what adult film star's body - LOL.

Tivo it..


poker sucks - I think I'm up 20 in ring games and 20 in tourneys - took a nice SNG run again with a 4 tabler that produced two wins and a third, but pissed it away on a couple 39 buck SNG's and some tourneys that failed - what can ya do....ah well.

I think I'm getting too tricky in my play - taking too many risks now trying to be AGGRESSIVE - I pushed on a 3 club flop last night with pocket 9's (one club) thinking anyone without one club will fold and anyone with two - well, odds are one in a hundred.

why I thought this was a wise move 15 minutes after the start of the tourney is beyond me but I got called by JT clubs and goodnight, babee. -

ah well - a new week, a new game.

That's all, really - all I really wanted to do was declare my unrequited and unappreciated love for Lisa Loeb. The poker info was optional....



At 11:39 AM, Blogger sierrajuliettromeo said...

hi RB--

cadence's mom here...i actually own 2 lisa loeb, make that 3...the 3rd being 'catch the moon' which is a kid's album that she did w/ elizabeth mitchell (her college music partner) of the band ida...i LOVE that daughter loves that album...has some classic kids songs and some newer can actually see a couple videos of her and elizabeth on the noggin channel website:

i've had a crush on lisa loeb ever since i saw her on those noggin videos...that album's a great gift for friends with new babies, by the way. that and the two children's albums by ida. they love woody guthrie and so do i.

anyhoo, hope you're doing well.

sarah in chicago


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