Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm still in a foul mood - so you get to suffer for it - but I had a funny thought last week -

I'm doing more odds calculations even when I'm not in a hand to get in the practice - - the rule of 4 and 2 -

as I illustrated from the Phil Gordon DVD - (which you all have and should have watched by now. - at least the bloggers who read this thing - LOL)

9 outs on the flop * 4 = 36% chance of getting it, approximately. If it's the turn it's times 2 - = 18 percent

because of the high amount of implied odds in NL, this rough guesstimate works well - though when using the rule of 2 you sometimes come a couple points shy with a lot of outs - 9 outs are more like 19.2, not 18 percent - but again, those implied odds give you wiggle room.

And I was sitting there and thinking - I've got a 23% chance to hit a card I need on the river -

and instead of seeing the last card, I wanted to take a couple of Dungeons and Dragons 10 sided dice and roll a percentage roll to see if I hit the card -

oh lord, the good ol' days - LOL


Wal-mart is getting called to the carpet in MD for their crappy health care benefits - about time - if there was ever a company that harkened back to a time when Robber Barons held monopolies and employees were treated like cattle, it's Walmart. The argument of "go work somewhere else" doesn't fly when a corporate entity moves into a small town, drives out the competition, and pays a pittance wage to the people who can only find work at the big retailer in town.




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