Sunday, January 08, 2006

blog blog blog with impunity - phhhft...

Somedays you need a quickie - I know what Iggy would say - I need about 10 quickies - so here you go - now with 20% less vulgarity - LOL.


I'm in a foul mood, with bald faced liars smiling to me while they withdraw money from my wallet and say "hey, that's the game"

But it's not poker, it's politics - and one of the worst God Damn liars - Tom Delay, has stepped down as leader of the biggest pack of liars in Congress.

I voted Rep. in 2000 - I understand the lure, esp. for the Religious Right, of a guy like Delay - preaching family values - and if he embezzles funds and shuffles money, it's not Right Wing Christian money, right? - so all should be forgiven, esp. if he didn't technically break the law, just fractured it -

Maybe - but I hope he goes to jail anyways. - I'm glad he lost his job and I'm glad his antics have probably cost the Republicans the 2006 midterms. It COULDN'T happen to a nicer guy cause a nicer guy wouldn't have gotten greedy like the Exterminator from Texas.

I shouldn't make fun of a guy's job - jobs come and go - and we're not all lucky - but Exterminator? - a bug guy? acquainted with vermin? - Nope - doesn't suprise me - he just traded up for a richer class of vermin.

What Democrats need now is a similar plan to the Contract with America - they need to lay out their platform and say "If you make Congress a democratic Congress, here's what we'll push forwards.

First things first, the Republican Filibustering will fire up into high gear - but that's the way it goes -


I will be attending meeting of NORML - (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) - I think if this became a Democratic Party platform, you'd get that 5-10 percent of weed smokers that stay home. - LOL - these days an extra 5-10% is the victory.


I'm working on a few writing projects - my top 10 albums of all time - some songs - a reanalysis of Christian Faith from a Progressive/Liberal mindset as opposed to a Conservative Bigoted Rightwing version - nothing really sticking to the wall as something I'd like to expose to the public - same with the newest tracks/songs -

There is a little fun thing called Feburary Album Writing Month, where you try to get 14 songs in 28 days recorded - I MAY do that - we'll see what free time looks like - that'll devour the whole friggen month pretty easy - plus then you end up with 14 ok songs instead of 2 or 3 great ones -

I shoot for Quality over Quanity, obviously - most times - except with the blog - LOL

My problem is I spend so much time around the greatest writers and songwriters in the world - I can write a good song but at the end of the day I say "yah, but it's not as good as what Townes Van Zandt did" and I wanna toss it -


"and everybody out here, they wanna live somewhere else
I wish I could find a place and stay there by myself
and bit by bit I swear I think I'm losing all this city's confidence"

- Great lines - watch the video - I wanna be the guy driving - Jim Cuddy - LOL - great alt-country voice too - damn...


The "Your Blog Sucks" t-shirt is going to a co-worker in CA - (she flirts a lot - I caved and she wants to insult a friend's blog - what can I say) - so you're on your own for getting your own - but then, they've gotta be custom made - I like the idea of making your own shirt and saying exactly what you want instead of paying someone else to say what you think they want you to say.


I am probably going to find a way to add my BR growth to the site, kind of like the banners up top - I'll have to republish the index about every week, but I think it'll be good for you guys to see where the BR is at and bitch me out if I sign up for the $215 tourney before I get about 2K in the BR - LOL - (no one said anything about satellites though) -


Band has a gig on Tues, the 10th at the Uptown Bar - come out if you're local - we're on about 11:30 - (last) but our friends the Intangibles are on first - they're just hard to wrap your mind around, that's all - [rimshot]


the Pokerstars PCA is going on - I feel good that I can win a satellite this year for one of these events, even if it's a FPP event - I'm just nailing my game and I haven't even FINISHED Harrington on Holdem yet - LOL -

My fav. female poker player - Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh is doing well after day 3 - good for her - a few other names I recognize. Nothing standing out anymore though.


I would like to make some color changes to the blog - we're using standard templates but they're borrowed by a lot of people, including my new good bud Poker Doctor - I never liked lime green anyways - I'm thinking a dark brown/blue - sort of a wild west meets Radiohead -

I'm not good with visuals or design - and I can't program to save my life - every modification I made to the template so far has been a bastardized hook/crook job that took about 10 saves to figure out right - LOL - but visitorship is down - in part cause of the holidays and in part cause I said I was going on vacation - :D- so now's the time to screw stuff up.


I liked this picture Pauly took -

he joked that I was beginning the prayer service at the WPBT - I probably have more religious education then anyone at the WPBT (biblical studies minor in college) but I don't see myself becoming the Father Dowling of Poker - LOL -

wish I could have hung out with him and Iggy - but moreso, I wish I had done so when I was still boozing. - LOL I keep begging them to come out so I can get them stoned in MN, cause I still can use that one - LOL -


I guess I'm all out of things to talk about - (did I mention I scored $400 in tourney wins and 500 in TLB points this week on Pokerstars - LOL - ) -

One more thing - you might notice some funny changes to the blog, esp. to posts - I have decided to start showing some restraint and started deleting posts that I felt were inferior to others - and I'm gonna go back to April and wind my way up...

Why? - for one - I have no editor and my mouth goes non stop - It takes 3 days for me to realize I should have shut my mouth, and then I can correct the issue - SO - I'm gonna go thru and clean house a bit -

but mostly, I think some of the stuff I wrote pre-sobrity sucks dogass - LOL - I once had a friend tell me that we (him and I) were overly-sensitive guys - meaning that we are too emotional, essentially - LOL. But I got dragged into the nice part of that over-emotional side. Too deep into introspection and too far away from action - too much into victimization and not enough vengence. This has become unacceptable to me as of late.

Once in a while you need a different kind of emotion - the kind that sends you into the temple and overturning the moneychanger's tables - that righteous indigniation over fuckwads like Pat Robertson, who said Ariel Sharon's stroke was judgement from God. - there's a need for guys like me to kick guys like that in the balls - hard.

prepare for ball-kicking in 2006 - I'm sober, pissed, and I've been celibate for way too long - balls are going to be kicked.

but for now, maybe I'll play with the template for the site - hope you have a rocking weekend -



At 11:23 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

"I probably have more religious education then anyone at the WPBT..."

I know 3 bloggers who might challenge that. You missed some interesting conversations in the suite between bloggers and myself about our education and upbringing. :) all surrounded with massive quantities of amber bliss.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

yah you're probably right -

I didn't get the HS education in church, but I got the College one - never got any of the horny sorority girl sex - I'm still pissed about that...

just another recovering right wing zealot turned Left Wing Christian who believes in loving thy neighbor as God loves us, as opposed to bombing the shit out of them in the name of oil.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Felicia :) said...

I majored in Missions.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

Let me know if you figure out how to add the BR to the blog, I'd like to do the same. I might change a decimal in case the IRS is watching...

I also haven't figured out how to add the counter to the side bar. Oh yeah, adding to my blog roll is a huge pain in the ass. Why do I even bother with this damn blogging thing, anyway?

I think I'm just pissed because I wanted that "Your Blog Sucks" t-shirt. I hope she was worth it. Now I have to go make my own damn shirt.



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