Sunday, December 25, 2005


the Pokerstars 530 is going on today - I could cover that - easy - and still have enough dough to play some more SNG's afterwards.

I KNOW it's a mega massive tourney that will go for 9 hrs - (when I'll have no sleep) and I KNOW it's $530 and my BR requirements require tact.

but jeez....$100000 overlay added? - fruck....(for those of you that don't know math- that's an extra 200 players added with no chance of them making the money) - that's a LOT of spare ch-ching....

I WANT to do it - whether I should is of questionable dubious worth...

I suppose I could call it my Xmas present...

mostly I'm pissed cause it would require an EFT that takes 8.9 percent of the money I withdrew slowly last week - LOL.

fruck it - there will be other $500 tourneys -



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