Friday, December 23, 2005

SO....WHY is WT getting better at poker a bad idea?

I dunno - maybe it's because I was supposed to go on a date this week - LOL - girl from snowboarding class -

first the snowboarding got postponed then the movie the next day - I told her to call me back when she was free - lobbing what is probably an excuse to never talk to her again right into her lap.

And part of me was like "dang" - but part of me is psyched - I'm ready to build the BR up for the $215's and I'm ready to kick some serious ass in the music writing and in the poker scene this year.

First off, I don't relate to many people - esp. stupid people and ESP. stupid women. I don't care how good the hoochie is - if the girl irritates me with her very presence I can't take it - and I don't know where this particular redhead was gonna fall - but it was obvious to me early on that there was a bit more there then the sweet 31 yr. old IT girl - LOL.

But I'm just not gonna care - I've got other things I could be doing - so THAT bugs me since I've been wanting a relationship for the last couple years and now it feels like it could be a hinderance to me...

I'm gonna conserve my vacation days for gigs and things I REALLY want, and not just a day off to stay home and play SNG's -

I build very big obstacles to hurdle over - but if I didn't I don't know if I'd want to jump over them....



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