Wednesday, December 21, 2005

word of warning...

when you do something stupid that takes 25 years off your life, it doesn't come from the end of takes it from the middle -

I went from 30 and cute and young to 33 and grey haired and old age -

that shit skips around on you and it's not supposed to's supposed to be the end of my life that gets shaved - not the best part in the middle...

that's bullshit, man.



At 11:37 AM, Blogger iamhoff said...

I hear ya, brother. The other thing I noticed was that the chowing at the home games and tailgate parties (chips, 7 layer dip, pizza, beer, Jack Daniels, etc.) stopped falling off my gut! WTF? I've added 20 pounds this past year, and I'm not happy about it. I did read that the slight gray look is in (per GQ and Men's Health), so I guess that's something. I'll hit 35 in April...that puts me on the slippery slide to 40! Noooooooo!

At 6:02 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

I'm gonna try REAL HARD one more time to eat right and color the hair and try to look like a ladykiller -

after that - I'm quitting at 35 - that gives me 18 months...



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