Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I suck at scheduling - never good at it - suck at it - blow - whatever...can't seem to care what one day is for another around here anymore. Certainly don't care that Christmas is Sun.

BUT, I did remember that Wil Wheaton moved his Fri. tourney to Tues. - so that'll rock.

Maybe I'll even win something someday again - def. goes in spurts.

EDIT - in addition to my usual depravity - I have added a large thin crust Meat Lover's pizza and 24 buffalo hot wings to the mix...

I'm gonna pay for this probably with my life....meh - maybe they'll throw a goodbye post up for the guy who's arteries gave out in the middle of the Bonus Code Iggy Invitational.



At 6:37 PM, Blogger alan said...

Use my chips well.


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