Sunday, December 18, 2005

made 10th in that tourney I was playing - bubbled again with A/rag -

I believe that hand is my biggest leak in bubble play - I'm gonna stop playing it for a while - in late position it's great - but in EP as a blind steal anything that calls it dominates - too damned dangerous...I'd rather have KQ suited then A6 - or JT offsuit - anything but that lameass A6 offsuit.

Did I tell you guys what I wanna do? I'm gonna take about $500 out of the BR - (most of what I took off Loudmouth and his buddy) and buy a nice 60 GB Ipod - and some speakers and the FM transmitter, of course :) - it'll become more common then my cell phone - I leave that bastard off a lot - LOL.


had a great little SNG run today - 10th in the 180 player, two 1st's and a 2nd - with one first in my first $20 - gonna play a couple more 20's after this 6.50 turbo with 45 players. I like to practice on everything - LOL.... -- close to the money in this one - that rocks...

I love Gillian Welch tonight...

O me O mi O, will you look at Miss Ohio
She's running around with the rag top down
She says I wanna do right but not right now.


whoops -- took KTsooted vs AQ when we were 11 handed - flopped a 10 so I was a 78% fav post flop but lost to that Q on the turn.

that's poker....on to the $20 SNG's -



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