Tuesday, December 13, 2005

as we lead up to my mega super duper post - I'd like to give credit to another cocksucker.

Mon. 2am Aladdin tourney - 20 players - and one dude bought in for his friend who's not there - he shows up 45 min late - 21 - pimply - tons of attitude with him from Jersey - he's a prick - wants to play me in NL when I make a crack and I want him out of the game. He keeps trying to get me in a NL game and I'm wondering why since I don't think he's that good.

We get to one table - we draw cards and he's picking them up, not liking the seat, throwing it down and grabbing another one - a player complained to the floor and we redrew but he wouldn't tone it down. 8 handed, and he's in the BB and he makes this big gesture "I'm all in" and we're like - Dude - you haven't seen your cards, you're out of position - STFU.

WELL - a player min raises just past him...one call with AK suited near me, and the kid's gonna muck - well - the first Min raiser insisted the floor come over and the floor rules that IF the kid said he was all-in - even out of position, then he was making action taht affected other players and he HAD to push all in - I loved it. He had 79 and ran into the min-raiser's KK and an AK suited - actually AK took it down - it was great - and he was gone in 8th.

I tell him to go back to the Bellagio and keep my NL 1/2 seat warm and I'll see him there - mostly to make him go away - after the previous night that I'm writing about, I have no intentions of joining a game with such a prick. He goes "I don't play 1/2 - I play 10/25" - but finally he vanishes.

Later I ask his bud if he really played 10/25 -

"well, yah - well, dude - his dad's a millionaire and he's loaded so yah, his family is rich."

:) - daddy's money - I'm impressed - Hope they gutted the prick - I suspect they did.



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