Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm trying to limp into the money in one of these $180 SNG's - tired of always bubbling - a quick post will help.

I just had a cool thought. I brought back 10 nice chips from the Imperial Palace poker game. I shuffle them as I make decisions online.

I can see myself 25 years from now talking on an ESPN special about my favorite poker game.

And I'll say "Well, siree, there was this rough and tumble poker room on the strip. It was between all these big flashy casinos with their fancy poker rooms. And it wasn't as clean, and sometimes fights broke out.

But that was the where the worst players in Vegas came to play....and I loved to go down on weekends and filet them myself - a man could make a living playing 1/2 NL -

back in the outlaw days of poker....chasing the fish and whales of Low Limit -

At the Imperial Palace - "

and I'll talk about it the way Dean Martin might talk about the Sahara or Sinatra might talk about the Sands.

I'll be talking about a poker room and a strip that now is only in my memory as the strip is now rows and rows upon rows of luxury condos - probably bought by the new Hollywood and the richest of our society.

I'm sorry - that story sucks....



At 10:59 PM, Blogger DrChako said...

It would have been a better story if you mentioned your side kicks. After all, Sinatra had the Rat Pack.

If you're Dean, I volunteer to be Frank.


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