Tuesday, December 13, 2005

highlights and downers of the Vegas Trip.


* played the best night of poker in my life
* seeing a fight EVERY night, including one where he was taken out in Handcuffs
* winning at craps for the first time in my life - (I was copying a friend's bets, BTW - I can't play this game)
* watching the smartass mouths leave the table with no chips
* not being hungover and not seeing myself in every alcoholic.
* Meeting Charile Shoten, Barry Greenstein, Joe Sebok, Nolan Dalla, Michael Craig, Wil Wheaton, and Amy Calistri -
* having the floor at the IP say I busted in 71st but won the best dressed award in his opinion for "Your Blog Sucks". The shirt was as much fun to wear as I thought it would be. - How will I top myself for the next WPBT - well, ..I'm starting to think "Nickelback Sucks" is a good place to start.


* no quality bar time with Iggy or Pauly, - we both had discussed a live meeting of the minds over a glass of something - didn't write your numbers down, guys...you both travel a lot and near Mpls. and there is some primo Minnesota Weed around and I might know where some of it is...just a little incentive to you to give me a call next time you're in Minneapolis
* No Felicia or Glenn...we missed you!!!! -
* Giving away a lot of profit rebuying in those $60 tourneys. At my last MGM tourney I busted the 4th hand when AA got cracked by AJ with a murderous flop of KQT. In the end I made my expenses back on the trip (about $300) - but dropped the extra $300 in profit I had made -

meh...you live, you learn - I'm dying in my latest Pokerstars tourneys too with some bad, bad shit - still used to the NL reach into your pocket and rebuy dance. May have gotten too loose with my calling requirements after making a couple really good calls in Vegas. I'll tighten up for this next one.



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