Sunday, December 04, 2005

I watched a special today on Brian Wilson and how he resurrected "SMiLE" from the graveyard of unreleased albums.

I think I've always just thought of the Beach Boys as this aging baby-boomer group - bad songs like Kokomo is their contribution today - no real relevance. Nothing except a few catchy tunes about surfing.

I don't think I realized the extent to which Brian Wilson was a composer and what he was trying to do with Smile - it was hated by all the other BB's - but then on the other hand, many people, including Paul McCartney, thought Pet Sounds was the ultimate album and this was to be it's followup - the American Sgt. Pepper's

It sounds like he was hearing stuff others couldn't imagine, and he could record 10 different musicians and fuse them together whereas they couldn't hear all the other parts he wanted to contribute to the tracks till it was all done, then they went "whoa..."

Think I'll go out and buy it - I know it's a different sort of trip for me....but what the hell - Brian Wilson went thru crippling depression and if he can write an album called "SMiLE" - (the irony not lost on his friends) then I can probably listen to it - esp. if it's one of the greatest albums of all time.

Anyone else taken the time to listen to it? You can pretty much sample the tracks on if you give them an email to register to -

I'm trapped - listening to "Good Vibrations" which is of course, re-recorded. (It was originally intended as the closer to SMiLE)

I think it's a bit easier when you realize certain songs are about fire, for example - LOL- and then you start listening to the sonic image in a different way.

pretty cool - actually


this is something else here....this is a fucking train wreck you HAVE to see

A certain player on Ultimate Bet is known for playing the high stakes NL - he has dumped a TON of money recently - this guy's pokertracker stats (probably datamining) puts him at about 800K down...

holy mother...I hope I don't make THAT much money and piss it all away...


Not much time for poker this week probably - I have three days off - One for cleaning the band practice space and going to see Walk The Line, and one for Snowboarding - that gives me basically one day before work, then two days vacation as I prep. for that grand Vegas run again....

There will be PLENTY of time for poker - LOL - I'll be playing it for 4 days and probably it'll be the donkfest I know and love, so rock on one last time b4 the end of the year babee..

I see now I'm on the Imperial Palace's mailing list - that's cool - I could use some more $29/39 room deals - esp. since I never had a problem with the place, being that's where I first stayed in vegas, babee... I hope I have a high balcony room again - I liked that one over the pool, though I fought the worst urge to throw myself from 16 stories towards the pool in what would be a suicidal cannonball - LOL.


I feel like wanting to say more, but sometimes saying less is best, right?



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