Monday, November 28, 2005

I was listening to some albums that I haven't listened to in years that really influenced -

I think I realize now where this obsession with the word "strife" in my writing came from...

Stephen Stills - 4+20 -

I think what's astonishing to that I was listening to it in formulative teenage years....(20 years after it's time already) - and I really had no idea what it was about or what it meant....

Now I do....though I only visit this place every couple of years - LOL



Four and Twenty years ago
I come into this life,
Son of a woman
And a man who lived in strife.
He was tired of being poor
But he wasn't into selling door to door
And he worked like a devil to be more.

A different kind of poverty now upsets me so
Night after sleepless night
I walk the floor and want to know
Why am I so alone?
Where is my woman, can I bring her home?
Have I driven her away?
Is she gone?

Morning comes the sunrise,
And I'm driven to my bed
I see that it is empty
And there's devils in my head.
I embrace the many colored beast.
I grow weary of the torment
Can there be no peace?
And I find myself just wishing that my life would simply cease.


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